I kind of lost track of this photo blog, but haven’t stopped taking photos. Besides being consumed with the more important things in life beyond hobby photography blogging, I’ve had a few thoughts about these blogs. It’s a privilege to be invited into a family’s life to document that specific date or season of it. They usually ask me around a specific time and have a goal with their photos to share it with family, friends, and anyone else they want to celebrate life with. It’s usually quite awhile after I’ve given them the photos that they choose to share those photos, which delays when i would share them since the easiest time to share them for me is when it’s part of my workflow. Therefore, I get busy and don’t prioritize the time to come back to this website to share them or write about the family. I’m definitely alright with this and would rather not show any images at all rather than share before the family does.

Thank you to all the families in the past year that have invited me to photograph their family. It’s a blast and I love seeing your families grow.

I’ve also been busy photographing homes for my friend, Joe of Ambitions Real Estate. He’s been busy selling homes and doing more and more renovation projects. I don’t share too many of the typical suburban house shoots as they’re usually not very interesting unless you’re looking to buy one of them. My favorite projects to share are the ones where Joe buys and renovates. He likes to do before and after images, which are way more fun to shoot. So, here are a few of his next project.

AuthorAndrew Hoffman