31 Days of Gratitude - In an attempt to publicly express my gratitude for the people that have impacted me in some way in 2015, I'm setting out to write one post a day sharing what I appreciate about them or what moment that marked me. Some of these people I know well, some I've only met, and some I'm just getting to know. There is no ranking to these posts and they aren't meant to put anyone on a pedestal. They, like you and I, are imperfect people with their own flaws, some you may have experienced. Despite those flaws, I believe we all need to have our positive characteristics called into light and celebrated. This is that attempt. 

David Park is a such a great guy and I'm grateful to have gotten to spend time with him in 2015. David and I met a few years back through a mutual friend on a 30ish mile bike ride. David and his wife just had gotten some bikes then and David quickly fell deeply in love with cycling. Since then, he's gone all in and has become quite the bike racer and an asset to the Team NL squad. David and I always enjoy getting together to talk about bikes, racing, and cool things we could do with cycling through Team NL. More than that, we connect on many other levels beyond cycling, which I'm most grateful. 

We share a deep faith that our lives are meant for something bigger than ourselves and that we have a responsibility to do something meaningful with them. David is a such a caring guy and it plays out through his profession as a fire-firefighter as well as in every interaction I've seen him have with anyone when we're together. He's always engaging beyond a simple hello and is kind to everyone I've ever seen him talk to. He's generous with his knowledge and experiences while wanting to learn from those around him. 

I'm grateful for our growing friendship on and off the bike, David. You encourage me in many ways and I look forward to spending more time with you in 2016. Lets do some long rides together this year!

AuthorAndrew Hoffman