31 Days of Gratitude - In an attempt to publicly express my gratitude for the people that have impacted me in some way in 2015, I'm setting out to write one post a day sharing what I appreciate about them or what moment that marked me. Some of these people I know well, some I've only met, and some I'm just getting to know. There is no ranking to these posts and they aren't meant to put anyone on a pedestal. They, like you and I, are imperfect people with their own flaws, some you may have experienced. Despite those flaws, I believe we all need to have our positive characteristics called into light and celebrated. This is that attempt. 

This young guy has been one of the bright spots of my last two years. Josh was the young, talented local cyclist that got introduced to cycling and took to it quickly with great results. Being that kid, he got a lot of attention as the kid that could be something. I first learned of Josh that way and then I met his now brother-in-law several years ago and got introduced to Josh that way. Josh and I met up one Christmas break and naturally connect around cycling, love for the community, and a heart to see athletics be more about relationships than just winning. 

Josh ended up interning for me at NeighborLink to run Team NeighborLink for the summer which turned into an entire year while he was back at school. Our relationship grew to a friendship and I've been grateful for that ever since. Josh is a very talented cyclist on the cusp of professional level status and handles all the pressure that comes with that with an level-headed nature that I admire and is far more mature than most 22 year olds I know. I've grown to be grateful for that maturity, kindness, and love for others Josh possesses. He is the kindest and most thoughtful competitor that I've met over the year who desires to win, yet make sure he's getting to know the guys/gals around him also competing. 

Josh, I'm grateful that you trust me and allow me to be in your life as a friend and mentor. You need to know that you're influence in my life has been significant and I think more of you than just a former intern at NL and or a young, talented cyclist that I can talk bikes with. I affirm the way you intentional about your faith, the love you have for Katie, and the character in which you display every day in the circles of influence you keep. You are having an impact on those around you. I'm for you. Michelle and I are for you and Katie. I can't wait to see what the next few years look like for you as you move into being an emerging leader in your circles. 

Thanks for being a friend. 

AuthorAndrew Hoffman