31 Days of Gratitude - In an attempt to publicly express my gratitude for the people that have impacted me in some way in 2015, I'm setting out to write one post a day sharing what I appreciate about them or what moment that marked me. Some of these people I know well, some I've only met, and some I'm just getting to know. There is no ranking to these posts and they aren't meant to put anyone on a pedestal. They, like you and I, are imperfect people with their own flaws, some you may have experienced. Despite those flaws, I believe we all need to have our positive characteristics called into light and celebrated. This is that attempt. 


It's fitting to be grateful for Dave Ramseyer on Christmas Day since he is the one that pursued me as a high school kid as a friend in an effort to introduce me to Christ. This has been one of the most significant decisions I've made in my life. 

Dave became a good friend and even though we haven't seen much of each other the past few years, we have the ability to quickly reconnect any chance we get. I'm personal grateful, but I'm most grateful for all the other lives Dave has invested in the past 15+ years. He's truly been a friend and leader to hundreds of young people that needed someone to love them, give them direction, and provide a path to the hope that things will work out despite their belief that things will never get better. 

Thanks for your friendship and the work you do every day to love students. I hope you recent move back to the midwest will make get togethers a tad bit easier. 

AuthorAndrew Hoffman